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23 June – "We give 10% of our profits back to charity and we've got our own foundation on the side as well. We're all about making profit, but a profit with a purpose." said Paul Forkan, the 24-year old entrepreneur who founded Gandys Flip Flops with his brother, Rob, 26. The brothers feel that they have a different outlook on business having spent part of their childhood in Goa, India, after moving there from the UK. They started off in 2011 with only £10,000 as start-up capital but found investors willing to get on the concept of producing ethically-sourced footwear. Having lost their parents in the Asian tsunami in 2014, they plan to open a children’s home for orphans in India and hope to expand these to every continent in the world. BBC

For more information on corporate social responsibility see Business Advantage Upper-Intermediate, Unit 13; and on entrepreneurship, see Business Advantage Advanced, Unit 4.

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18 June

27th Annual IATEFL BESIG Conference: 14-16 November 2014
Booking for places for the 27th annual conference in Bonn will begin on July 1, 2014. The call for papers is over.
For more details on the venue and the conference see

To find out more about what to expect from this event, read the report on the 2013 IATEFL BESIG conference in articles.

IETEFL: April 2015
Two BESIG scholarships will be available for The IETEFL conference in Manchester, 2015. The deadline for submissions is July 24, and applicants should have been a BESIG member for at least six months. For more details on the event and booking information see the BESIG website:

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Use this week's new jargon buster 'Inflection point' in class with your students and follow-up their interest in rapid change and technology with study from Unit 2 of Business Advantage Intermediate, which focuses on technology and business.





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Read Bob's blog on business English and ESP issues and then vote in the poll or comment. Bob Dignen is author of Communicating Across Cultures and now, a joint winner of the David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English – congratulations Bob!

Bob's latest blog 'How much do we need to know about psychology?' questions the extent we need to know about (and train) skills related to psychology in communication and language training. Read the blog before indicating in the poll if this is something you consider important.

The most recent poll revealed that around 85% of respondents use confidence-building techniques in the classroom.To read more about confidence-building techniques, read Bob's last blog 'Developing confidence'.

Bob Dignen

A look at vocabulary that is currently in the news.

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Printable teaching materials to use in classDiscover more about Cambridge’s extensive range of business English and ESP titles.
NEW: Presenting facts and figures – A B1 activity. It can be used on its own, or with Business Advantage Intermediate.

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Dr Michael Handford, co-author of Business Advantage, discusses the use of video case studies in the classroom. You can also see samples from our DVDs, and other interviews with leading professional English writers and teachers.
All our extensive teaching material for our range of professional English titles in one place.

View the Business Advantage DVD content.

Including Business Advantage and Cambridge Business Skills series resources

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At Professional English Online there are opportunities to win prizes by answering an easy question.

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This month we are giving away another copy of Business Advantage Classware alongside a copy of the Business Advantage coursebook, for the level of your choice: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced. Classware is a dynamic tool for interactive whiteboards, but can also be used with a projector and a laptop or computer. It enables the teacher to display the coursebook on their device, with quick access to activities and answer keys, audio, video and texts.

The winner of May's competition is Gareth Humphrey of Düsseldorf, Germany  – congratulations Gareth!

Be informed about what really matters in business English and ESP today. 

Report on the 26th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference in Prague

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Does psychology play a part in successful L2 communication? Should it form part of training?


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